Our Products

You can see our wide range of domestically produced products with innovative, high quality and reasonable price policy under KETEN IPLIK brand.


This product, which is a textured micro filament; It is a synthetic yarn with increased bulkiness, flexibility, water absorbency, crimp and softness properties.

This yarn, which we produce as a result of combining multi-filament ply yarns together with a unique texturing method, creates a drapey and rich-looking fabric. The hardness and water absorbency properties of the yarn have been increased.


Similar to Nylon, it is a product that can be used in the sock-knitting sector with flexibility, touch and water absorbency.

This product, which we provide touch, drapey and color opacity, is texturized with a unique method in which we change the physical properties of the yarn.


It is a synthetic yarn with a cotton-like appearance and increased bulkiness with hydrophilic structure.

It is a multi-filament colored elastane that can grow up to 3 times its own length. It can be used easily on any fabric that requires flexibility and recovery.


This yarn, which stands out with its pile-hairy structure; its touch, cast and matte texture, a unique warm appearance is obtained on the fabrics.