About Us

Keten İplik Sanayi Ticaret Şirketi was established in 1994. Our company proceed to operations in Istanbul as its headquarters and provide services to our customers from all over the world by importing and exporting with the principle of quality and reasonable price. Over time, as a result of long years of experience and close customer relations, R&D studies were carried out for the products that the market needed and presented to the market.

KETEN IPLIK started Texture Polyester production in 2020 with a capacity of 5400 tons / year in order to provide quality and faster service in a closed area of ​​12.500 m2 in Tekirdağ Çerkezköy. POLYELIT® yarn which a KETEN IPLIK brand, and our other brands have been introduced to the market with domestic production line. Our yarns, are offered to our customers with fast service, wide product range and over 100 dope-dyed dyed color stock options.